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We are your disaster partner


Photo of evacuation route road sign


June 1 kicked off the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Lasting through November 30, forecasters are predicting between 13 and 20 named storms, six to 10 hurricanes and three to five major hurricanes.

While in the south hurricanes are often what we think of when someone says "disaster," it is important to remember natural and man-made disasters can occur at anytime, and without warning. When it does, your community will depend on your services more than ever, creating many challenges. Your linen doesn’t need to be one of them. 

Crown Health Care Laundry Services has multiple emergency contingency plans in place and a storm-tested record of delivering in the most difficult situations: 

  • We have eight, soon to be nine, processing facilities in the southeast, giving us the unique ability to be our own backup. If one of our facilities is damaged, we can use alternate processing locations to serve our customers in the impacted areas by adding an additional shift. 
  • During an event like a hurricane, we will stage linen in areas out of the projected impact zone, so our drivers can resume deliveries as soon as it safe to do so. 
  • Our logistic professionals are monitoring road closures and mapping the most up-to-date alternate routes.
  • In the event of long-term power outages, many of our processing plants have standby generators.  For those that do not, Crown owns an 800 KW mobile generator which can be dispatched and provide power to operate the facility.

Photo of Crown's 800 kw mobile generator