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Crown's Lost and Found Magic 🪄

At Crown Health Care Laundry Services, our Lost and Found Program is a critical service that supports our healthcare partners and their patients. Each year, we recover hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of lost items from the linen returned to us for laundering. For example, our Lakeland Processing Facility found and returned over $20,000 of lost items in just three months for one health system this year. This success story highlights the effectiveness of our program across our 10 processing facilities.

Efficient Processes for Quick Recovery

Our Lost and Found Program works because of the processes we have in place. Our soil sort process ensures that every piece of linen is inspected for personal or patient care items that might have been left behind. This careful sorting allows us to identify and recover lost items promptly.

Dedicated Team Ensures Swift Returns

Our dedicated staff plays a vital role in the efficiency of our Lost and Found Program. They work closely with healthcare facilities and their patients to ensure that recovered items are returned to their rightful owners. Whether it's hearing aids, eyeglasses, phones, jewelry, wallets, or patient care items like telemetry units, our team makes sure these valuable belongings are reunited with their owners.

The High Cost of Lost Items

Lost items in healthcare settings can be costly. For example, replacing a telemetry unit can cost between $1,000 and $3,000. By recovering these high-value items, our Lost and Found Program helps healthcare facilities avoid unnecessary expenses and ensures that essential medical equipment is available when needed.

Reporting Lost Items

To make our Lost and Found Program more accessible, staff, patients, and family members can report lost items 24/7 at This online platform ensures that lost items are reported promptly, increasing the likelihood of recovery.

Crown's Lost and Found Program is a key service that supports our commitment to quality and care. By maintaining our processes and fostering a dedicated team, we do our best to ensure that valuable items are recovered and returned. For more information about our Lost and Found Program, please contact your customer service representative or click here