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Prepared to be Soaked

Whether it’s a leaking faucet, a significant storm, or a planned floor care project, soaker linen is a great tool to have on hand. Crown offers soaker linen to all our customers, typically at a per-pound rate. The service helps keep your linen spend in check and your patient care linen pristine.

Crown’s soaker linen are items like towels, sheets, and blankets that have been rejected and graded as unsuitable for patient use but are perfect for large and small cleanup projects. Having soaker linen available for your EVS and nursing staff helps instill one of our major linen loss management principles – using patient care linen only for patient care. 

A few tips about Crown’s soaker linen include:

  1. Don’t wait for an emergency; contact your customer service representative now to add soaker linen to your order list. Even if you don’t place an order immediately, it will significantly speed up the ordering process if the item is added to your account now.
  2. Stocking a small amount of soaker linen in each area/floor is a great idea, so your staff doesn’t have to wait for a delivery from the linen room or our processing facility to start cleaning up an unexpected leak. This also helps encourage using the right tool for the right job.
  3. Don’t wait to place an order in an emergency. Please remember that soaker linen supply may be limited in the days leading up to a hurricane, widespread flooding, or other weather events. Internally, we will move inventory from our processing facilities not in the storm’s impact, but it is helpful if we receive orders as soon as possible.
  4. Yes, soaker linen can be returned! If your used soaker linen is not overly stained after use, return the soaker linen with your soiled linen. Please try to drain any standing water before returning. 

Not sure how to contact your customer service representative? Email us at, and we’ll connect you.