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Managing your microfiber

Microfiber cleaning products offer healthcare facilities many benefits like improved absorbency and cleaning efficiency. Microfiber products also come in range of colors, helping facilities color code for different uses as an infection prevention tool. The increased durability over cotton products can show real cost savings. However, they can be a budget drain when not managed properly.

Here are a few tips to get the most of your microfiber products:

  • Microfiber dust mops, wet mops and cleaning cloths are not disposable. Be sure your staff know NOT to throw these items in the trash.
  • Microfiber items should NEVER be placed in red biohazard waste bags, no matter the level of soil.
  • When dirty, microfiber items like mops, pads and cleaning cloths should be placed in the regular blue soiled linen bags.
  • Safe storage guidelines outlined by your infection prevention specialist should always be followed.
  • Like facility owned scrubs and other linen, microfiber items should NOT be taken home for any reason.

For more information on microfiber cleaning products, speak to your Crown representative or contact us

Multicolored microfiber cleaning cloths