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Linen management counts

With inflation at 8.3% and rising, everyone is looking to cut costs. The most important way to curve your linen spend is through linen best practices. This can include setting and continuing to evaluate linen pars, using patient linen for only patient care, not allowing scrubs to be worn home, and continually educating staff on linen storage and proper bag use - blue for soiled, green for rejected and never any linen in the red biohazard or trash bags.  Will this really cut costs? Yes, and the amount may be shocking. 

In late 2021, Crown begin proving linen services for a large healthcare organization. With only 10 locations under our care, Crown has already saved the health system approximately 3 million pounds over the previous two-year average with their former linen supply company.  We are still onboarding locations, so the number of pounds saved in 2022 will continue to grow! 

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