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Healthcare Laundry and COVID-19 Tips

  • Linens contaminated by COVID-19 should be handled just like linen soiled with blood or bodily fluids and placed in the Blue Soiled Linen Bags. The red biohazard/medical waste bags should not be used for COVID-19 exposed linen.
  • Isolation gowns should:
    • Be changed if the gown is soiled
    • Discarded after each use if DISPOSABLE (each paitent room/area)
    • Laundered after each use if CLOTH (each paitent room/area)
  • All linen placed in a patient room, even linen not used, must be laundered. It is best practice to not store extra linen in patient rooms, but on a covered linen cart or specialize linen storage area out public foot traffic areas.