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Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Soiled Linen Management

Crown Health Care Laundry Services' commitment to the health and safety of both our staff and the healthcare facilities we serve guides every aspect of our operations. Handling soiled healthcare linens with care is crucial, not only for compliance with regulatory standards but also for preventing the spread of infection and ensuring the efficiency of our laundry processes. Here’s a comprehensive guide on properly managing soiled linens, from the point of use to the laundry facility.

Proper Filling of Soiled Linen Bags

The correct approach to filling soiled linen bags is straightforward but critical. Each bag should hold no more than 20 lbs. of linen, which typically equates to one set of patient room linens. This helps prevent overfilling, ensuring the bags remain manageable and safe for handling. Overfilling bags can pose significant safety hazards, including the risk of bags splitting open due to excess weight, which can lead to contamination and handling difficulties. Place soiled linen receptacles as close as possible to the point of use, ensuring that linens can be bagged immediately and securely, minimizing the risk of contaminant spread.


Securing Soiled Linen Bags Effectively

Once the linen is inside the bag, securing it properly is the next critical step. We recommend using either an overhead knot or a gooseneck tie to ensure the bag is tightly closed without any chance of opening. It is important to avoid "rabbit ear" knots, as they are less secure and more likely to come undone. Please always check the bag for any signs of damage before tying it to make sure you don't have any issues during transport.


Handling and Transportation Guideline 

Handling soiled linens requires diligence and careful attention. Always wear protective gloves when handling soiled linens, and avoid any unnecessary contact with the linen itself. This means not carrying linens against the body and minimizing how much the linens are moved or handled. Additionally, shaking out linens should be avoided to prevent contaminants from dispersing into the air and onto nearby surfaces.

Unbagged, soiled linen should never be placed on the floor or any surface outside of a proper receptacle. Once the linens are securely bagged, they should be transported promptly to the designated soiled collection area. This area acts as the central point for all soiled linens, awaiting pickup by our trained Crown drivers. Remember, our drivers can only transport linens that have been properly bagged and secured according to industry guidelines.


Our Commitment to Excellence in Linen Management 

By adhering to these structured but straightforward practices, healthcare facilities can ensure that they are handling soiled linens in the safest and most efficient manner possible. At Crown Health Care Laundry Services, we take pride in our role in supporting the healthcare industry, ensuring that every aspect of linen management is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. For further guidance or questions, please reach out to our support team. We’re here to help you maintain the highest standards in healthcare linen management.