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Emergency linen conservation & utilization tips


Even with Crown’s disaster initiatives in place,  there may be times where we ask our healthcare partners to plan for the worst-case scenario of where it may take longer than 24-hours to service your site. In this event, we may suggest that you take the following simple, proven steps to conserve your linen: 


Work with your Crown representative on your linen orders as soon as possible. 

This inventory, along with what you already have on your clean carts in the halls and user areas, will help prepare you for the potential of linen delivery delays.


Go to emergency bed change status only on the floors. 

Send memos or e-mails to all directors to inform their staff that the beds should only be changed if absolutely necessary.


Linen will be valuable. Treat it as such. 

You will not be able to predict when your next delivery will be. It could be a few hours later than normal or up to a day. You have to make what you have last as long as possible through sound linen management practices like issuing linen on an as-needed basis only.  


Pull linen from areas that will be closed. 

Your areas like outpatient surgery, rehab centers, x-ray and elective surgery will be closed, maybe for days. Use that linen to supplement existing critical area inventories.


Pull all scrubs from the locker rooms and lock them up. Photo of a gold and silver padlock

Also - do not issue scrubs to sleep in or as a change of clothes. Be sure staff and patients bring clothes from home if they will be staying in the hospital.


Don’t use valuable patient linen for cleanups.

Instead, arrange for a delivery from us for ragged out linen for mopping up leaks, spills and water seepage.