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Crown Health Care Linen: Leading the Pack

Crown Health Care Laundry Services is excited to announce we are now one of the few linen processors in the industry to have achieved all four major industry certifications/accreditations for each of our nine processing facilities. This prestigious recognition highlights our commitment to excellence in providing top-tier laundry services, exclusively serving healthcare facilities. For our clients, this means an assurance of unparalleled standards in hygiene, patient safety, and environmental care.

Ensuring Excellence in Every Aspect

With the addition of HLAC's new Certified Hygienic Testing certification, Crown's four accreditations represent a different aspect of our commitment to excellence:

  • TRSA Hygienically Clean Certification: This certification focuses on ensuring textiles cleaned in our facilities meet appropriate hygienically clean standards and best management practices and verifies plant processes. It involves rigorous performance standards, quarterly third-party, quantified microbiological testing, and periodic inspections. 
  • HLAC Accreditation: Specifically designed for laundries processing healthcare textiles, this accreditation emphasizes patient safety and infection prevention. It requires detailed protocols for handling, processing, and transporting healthcare textiles and involves thorough facility inspections. 
  • TRSA Clean Green Certification: This certification reflects our dedication to environmentally responsible operations in the laundry industry. It recognizes our efforts in implementing sustainable practices, conserving resources, and reducing our environmental impact. 
  • HLAC Certified Hygienic Testing: This rigorous testing ensures that textiles meet the highest standards of hygiene, crucial for patient safety and infection control. It involves microbiological testing, adherence to performance criteria, and regular monitoring. 

Certifying our Commitment

By achieving these four certifications, Crown Health Care Linen stands out as a leader in the industry. Our adherence to these rigorous standards showcases our commitment to not just meeting but exceeding expectations in hygiene, environmental responsibility, and overall quality of service. Our clients can trust in our unmatched commitment to infection prevention, patient safety, and environmental stewardship. We're more than providers; we're at the forefront of our field, dedicated to continuously driving forward our legacy of distinction with the ultimate goal of satisfied customers.