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Elevating Linen Quality: Crown’s Reject Linen Program

At Crown Health Care Laundry, we're dedicated to consistently delivering superior linen products. However, we recognize that sometimes items may not meet our high standards. To address this, we've established a comprehensive reject linen program that underscores our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Identifying and Handling Reject Linen

Reject linen refers to clean linen items that do not meet our quality standards. These items might be torn, excessively thin, discolored, have adhesive residue, or otherwise unfit for patient use. For return, these items should be placed in the designated green reject linen bags (or your facility's specified color for rejects). This process ensures these items can be identified easily and managed effectively, with your organization receiving 100% credit for the return.

Reject items can include linen that:

  • Are torn, have holes, or are overly thin.
  • Missing snaps or a tie.  
  • Have stains that exceed ½ inch or the size of a penny.
  • Show excessive color fading or are discolored.
  • Include items with adhered electrodes or have adhesive residue.

Place any clean reject linen into your designated reject bags to facilitate easy returns. This system ensures a streamlined process for managing below-standard items and also provides us with an opportunity for ongoing education and improvement among our Crown staff. It's important to note that soiled linen should be placed in separate blue (or your facility's designated color) soiled linen bags, following proper protocols to prevent cross-contamination.

Additionally, following JACHO regulatory guidelines, reject linen bags must be stored away from clean linen carts to prevent cross-contamination, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety are maintained.

A Major Challenge: Adhesives

Adhesives are the most frequent reason for linen rejection. Products like tape, Tegaderm dressings, and electrodes will leave a residue that compromises linen quality. Currently, no product can effectively remove adhesive residue, necessitating the removal of affected items regardless of their age or remaining utility. To mitigate this issue:

  • Avoid using tape directly on linen or leaving used electrodes on linens.
  • Continuously educate staff about removing adhesives before linen is placed in soiled linen bags, emphasizing how this reduces processing and replacement costs.

This collective effort helps maintain our quality standards and ensures the sustainability of resources, benefiting your healthcare facility and Crown.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our reject linen program is just one way Crown Health Care Laundry Services strives for excellence. Beyond 100 percent credit for rejects, we offer complimentary educational materials to assist your staff in proper linen management. Our staff is also available for onsite continuing education. By collaborating with us, you help ensure the continuous provision of high-quality, hygienic linen for healthcare needs.
Let's work together to maintain the highest standards in linen care and enhance patient experience and satisfaction. For more information on our reject linen program or to request educational materials, please contact your Crown Health Care Laundry customer service representative or click here.