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Lost & Found

Customer service is our promise - in all we do.

Every year, we recover hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost items in the linen returned to us for laundering. Our Lost and Found program is effective because of our facilities’ soil sort process as well as our network of staff working directly with healthcare facilities and their patients. Whether it is a personal item like hearing aids, eyeglasses, phone, jewelry, wallet, or a patient care item like a telemetry unit, we do our best to find and return found items to the owner.

If you think that your missing item might be in linen returned to one of our locations, please complete the following form (all fields are required):

Losing a favorite item should not cloud recovery of your family’s outlook when you return home. That is where Crown’s service comes in play. Like this instance when a young boy’s special blanket was returned with the hospital’s bedlinen to our Columbia, MS facility. When his mother alerted our staff, we were able to quickly find the treasured blanket and deliver back home. Amazing? The young man’s smile certainly was.