The Quality of Your Patients’ Experience Matters

The Quality of Your Patients Experience Matters

When entering your healthcare facility, it is likely that your patients are already dealing with some discomfort or medical concern. Your job isn’t just to heal them - it’s also to make sure they are as comfortable as possible, given their situation. That’s why your patient apparel should be a priority. If your patient gowns are unpleasant to touch or don’t protect your patients’ privacy, it’s only going to make your patients feel worse.

That’s why you should invest in a patient apparel rental program through Crown Health Care Laundry Service. We care about the quality of life of your patients as well as the success of your facility. We are able to provide you with incredible patient apparel rental programs that make your patients feel more comfortable and content while saving you both time and money on directly purchasing products and having to launder them yourself.

How our patient apparel rental service works is that we provide you with the inventory of medical linens that your facility needs, then we pick them up and launder them for you, delivering them back to you in mint condition. All of our deliveries are consistent and we use only high-quality laundering practices so you know that you are providing your patients with the safety and comfort they deserve.

Our service is flexible, so if you are in need of more patient garments or other medical linen items, simply tell us what you need and we will easily accomodate you. No longer do you need to worry about finding the perfect patient gowns, only to realize how much work it is to maintain them in-house and then having to constantly replace them due to linen loss. With a patient apparel program from Crown Health Care Laundry Service, you can focus less time on maintaining your linens and more time on giving your patients the medical care that they need.

To start saving on linen costs, improve the quality of your patients’ experience, and get better supplies, request a quote from Crown Health Care Laundry Service by giving us a call at 844-383-7500.

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