Quality Assurance Counts!

If you’re looking for quality assurance, look no further! At Crown Health Care Laundry Services, quality products and services remain the cornerstone of our success. It’s intrinsic to our corporate culture. We believe it is also what has kept us in business and growing for 60 plus years. We take great pride in the high quality we demand – and achieve – every day for every Crown customer.

Only fresh, quality, clean linens that meet our exacting standards are cleared to circulate in the linen pool. If we fall short in any way, you will receive full credit for any linen that does not meet system quality standards. This approach has contributed significantly to our professional reputation in the health care laundry and linen services industry.

Crown Health Care Laundry Services’ Quality Control Coordinator, Operations Manager and team members monitor production every step along the way. From the washing process, to wrapping and bagging, to the point where bins roll off our trucks,Crown Health Care Laundry Services does everything possible to ensure the quality of our product matches or exceeds your expectations. In addition, we take our commitment one step further by getting all of our plants HLAC certified.

“The taste of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low cost.”  Anonymous

“Crown has exceeded my expectations and I have very high standards that aren’t easy to achieve. I am happy to recommend Crown Laundry to any complex multiple facility healthcare organization.”

William C. Ward, AIA

Systems Vice President
Facilities, Support Services, Real Estate, Ochsner Health System