Healthcare Laundry Services in Mississippi

Healthcare Laundry Services in Mississippi

Get healthcare linen and laundry that leaves no room for doubt or fear – get them only from the Mississippi expert in complete healthcare linen solutions: Crown Healthcare Laundry!

Crown offers a wide range of specialty linen services made especially for healthcare facilities. All of our services are guaranteed to meet the needs and standards for the industry, for your and your patients’ peace of mind.

Linen Rental

Crown Healthcare Laundry is your leading resource for all your healthcare linen needs. Our rental program is designed to address the needs and demands of healthcare facilities, meeting the most stringent standards on quality and efficiency.

Linen Management

Crown Healthcare is your most reliable go-to expert for linen and laundry solutions. Among these is our very efficient and specialized linen management solutions for healthcare facilities. We use both our experience and an array of the latest linen care technology to help you keep track of your usage, control your costs, manage your inventory, and be on top of all your linen needs including your product replacements. Crown is the partner you need so you can focus on your bigger and more important priorities and so that your linens become the last and least of your worries.

On-Premise Services

Say goodbye to the hassle and the costs of running your in-house laundry facility or the frustration of having your items maintained poorly by your linen service provider. Crown Healthcare Laundry offers the complete solution for your linen care and maintenance needs.

Using our eco-friendly, high-quality laundry process and high-tech facility, we’ll take care of your dirty linens, gowns, garments, and other textiles and process them to guarantee cleanliness that is safe to use and deliver them right back to your facility on-time and accurately.

For the most reliable healthcare laundry services in Mississippi, trust the name that the biggest brands and facilities rely on!

Trust only Crown! Give us a call at 1-844-383-7500 or get a quote!


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