Leave Your Linen Service to Specialists

Industry statistics show that more and more hospitals and healthcare facilities are outsourcing linen and laundry services. And for good reason. The benefits of hiring professional medical linen service facilities outweigh those of running an on-site laundry facility.

With the right linen service partner, healthcare facilities get to enjoy the benefits of having the burden of linen cleaning and management lifted while assuring quality care.

Cost Efficiency. With outsourcing, healthcare facilities enjoy freedom from the cost of setting up and maintaining an on-site laundry facility. Outsourcing linen services is an efficient way to streamline operations, saving the facility valuable time and money.

Quality Assurance. The beauty of a company that focuses on nothing but medical linen and laundry is their unmatched focus and dedication to quality control. Crown has multiple layers of quality control, beginning from each working team member following the strictest protocols in handling and cleanliness to our meticulous operations manager and quality control coordinator who makes sure everything meets the highest quality standards.  

State-of-the-Art Linen Tracking Innovation. The biggest concerns most healthcare facilities have over outsourcing their linen needs is the risk of losing linens. With new innovations in linen tracking, linens are tracked from the moment they leave your facility, to the moment they enter the laundry plant, to the final delivery. Nothing is amiss, everything is accounted for, and inventory is so much more efficient.

Product Options. Outsourcing medical linens opens doors to wider and more cost-effective options with products, ranging from basic linens and apparel to specialty garments.  

Complete Control. Outsourcing linens doesn’t mean losing control of linen operations. Crown has an innovative system that ensures complete and accurate reporting as well as comprehensive and consistent consultations to meet each healthcare facility’s unique needs.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives. Crown utilizes technologies and practices that ensure not just cleaner linens and garments, but also that these hygienically clean results are met through eco-conscious alternatives that save on waste, water usage, and energy consumption.

All things considered, with Crown’s highly-automated facilities, efficient use of resources, and industry leadership expertise, outsourcing linen and laundry services is a logical choice for today’s healthcare provider.

“In our 19 years of partnership, Crown has always been, and remains, best in class for quality healthcare linen and service, and has been an exemplary partner in providing quality service and product in a timely manner.”

Dave Smith

Director of Contracting & Supplier Diversity
North Florida and South Atlantic Divisions