Healthcare Laundry Services in Florida

Healthcare Laundry Services in Florida

When it comes to healthcare linen and laundry needs, your facility deserves more than average, run-of-the-mill services. You deserve services that cater to the challenges unique to the healthcare industry, and one that cares and works as hard as you do! For your facility and your patients’ welfare, you deserve nothing but the best of healthcare laundry services in Florida: Crown Health Care Laundry Services!

Crown is your local Florida specialist for all your healthcare linen care and supply service needs:

Linen Rental

Crown Health Care is the leading supplier of topnotch-quality healthcare linen and garment products in Florida. We have a range of bed linens, patient-use linens, as well as garments for various applications in your facility – from standard patient gowns to more specialized surgical gowns. Our linen rental services are designed and optimized to ensure your supply needs are covered daily, effectively, efficiently, and conveniently.

Linen Management

Stay on top of all your linen needs and get more than just clean results only with Crown. From helping you keep a seamless inventory to making sure that your linen expenses are in-check, Crown Health Care’s professional team has got your needs covered with our linen management service!

On-Premise Services

Save up on the cost of running an in-house laundry facility and entrust the care and maintenance of your linens to our Crown Health Care Linen Management program! Our designated Florida healthcare laundry service facility is equipped and facilitated to take care of the specific hygiene needs of the industry. We have the strictest quality control standards, using only the latest HLAC-accredited laundry processing technology, and work only with the most skilled of linen managers and laundry personnel, all of whom are experts at handling healthcare laundry at every stage of the process, ensuring safeguards against infection and cross-contamination.

For Florida Health Care Laundry Services That Never Disappoint, Call Us!

Contact Crown Health Care today! Our specialized healthcare linen services will give you the quality and integrity that only an HLAC-accredited facility with more than 60 years of experience under its belt can give you.

When you work with Crown, you are paying for peace of mind – for you, your personnel, and your patients. Call us today at 1-844-383-7500 to get started with a free quote!


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