Our Reputation Relies On Customer Service and Satisfaction

Crown Health Care Laundry Services’ superior customer service is what separates us from our competitors. We keenly focus on this all-important function. By providing the following services we make sure you’ll never have any reason to search for another laundry company:

  • Weekly service calls by your customer advocate to review costs-per-patient-day and product mix.
  • Trained, in-house customer service representatives who channel any requests directly to the department that you need. Your requests are copied all the way up to senior management.
  • 100% credit for any rejected linens. If you cannot use it, you do not pay for it. Crown’s rejected linen rate averages less than 3% with most of our customers because of our strict grading process.
  • Complete reporting mechanisms.
  • Linen tracking software.
  • Linen committee participation – Crown representatives help form and sit in on your monthly linen committee meetings to help set sound linen policies.
  • Special deliveries.
  • Trained drivers and route personnel who will professionally interact with your team.
  • Linen Awareness Days are held annually to help train all of your personnel on the best utilization of linen.
  • Annual reviews with senior management.
  • Updates on industry trends to keep your facility on the cutting edge of linen utilization and management.

If this is not the level of service you are currently receiving, give Crown Health Care Laundry Services a call at 844-383-7500 or write to info@crownlaundry.com. We can get you started on the road to headache-free laundry services.

Our Mission is Simple

Crown Health Care Laundry will be the leading quality laundry provider to healthcare facilities throughout the Southeast United States. We strive to be recognized as the quality provider of health care linens to customers who demand quality products for patient care and sound linen management solutions to help reduce overall costs.