Going Green – Good For The Planet, Good For Your Bottom Line

icon committed to greenCrown Health Care Laundry Services is concerned for the environment and has taken an active role in ensuring that our services and products are in line with environmentally conscious practices. While the use of various utilities, chemicals and other products is required for our business operation, we actively work to manage our impact on the environment and strive to maintain a green operation. We remain committed to being environmentally responsible, while still providing world-class laundering services.

Reusable textiles offer a clear advantage over disposable

The cost of a reusable product reflects multiple uses while the cost of a disposable represents only one use. There are clear advantages, both environmental and economic.

Environmental Benefits

Reusable Resource Cloth gowns and sheets are made of cotton, a renewable resource. Paper gown and paper sheets are made from trees, a limited renewable resource that affects the ozone layer every time trees are cut down to make more disposable paper products.

Zero Solid Waste is generated with cloth gowns and sheets. Paper gowns and paper sheets clog already over-burdened landfills.

Zero Red Bag Waste is generated with cloth linen. All linen, no matter what body fluid gets on it, can be washed. Paper gowns or sheets that absorb body fluids must be red bagged per JCAHO and OSHA standards.

Economic Benefits

Lower Cost per Use When calculating cost, a number of factors must be considered to do a cost analysis comparison of cloth gowns to paper gowns. When all factors are calculated, cloth beats paper every time in cost per use.

Less Storage is required for reusable gowns, which come bagged in sanitary plastic bags in quantities of 10 and take up less space than disposable gowns. Most disposable gowns come packed 50 to 100 per case, and those cases take up space. Reusable gown inventory is usually changed out weekly or every two weeks. The clinic or physician practice only needs to carry sufficient inventory until our route man returns, instead of an entire month’s inventory.

“Closing the hospital laundry and outsourcing our business to Crown has been one of the best decisions we ever made. We are enjoying consistently high quality in customer service, on-time deliveries and lower costs.”

Marianne Hillegass

VP Operations and Chief Resource Officer
Baptist Health, Jacksonville, Florida