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Reliable Group Practice Linen Services by Crown Health Care

  • February 21, 2020
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Why You Should Work with an Accredited Laundry Provider

Finding the right linen provider and management service for your group practice is necessary for its successful operation. Only a professional, reliable group practice linen provider like Crown Health Care Laundry Services should be in charge of your important materials. For prepared, experienced medical linen services, Crown Health Care is here.

To learn why Crown Health Care is the best medical linen supplier for your facility’s needs, read below:

Industry-Recognized Accreditations

The linen service supplying your practice should have more than promises to back up their commitment. A good measure of competence and reliability is an industry-recognized accreditation like the HLAC Accreditation. We’re proud to say that all of our plants have achieved this accreditation. Additionally, we are dual accredited as we also hold a TRSA accreditation.

Customer-First Philosophy

When the customer is made the priority, business falls into place. At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is that our clients are satisfied with our service. To achieve that satisfaction, we take every measure possible. From strict quality control to a receptive and actionable customer service support, Crown Health Care puts your needs first.

The best way to know if we’re doing the right thing is by listening to the people we work hard for. If your needs or preferences aren’t being met, we want to know and do something about it.

Outsource Laundry for Savings

The savings gained by outsourcing your medical laundry are substantial. Here are just a few:

Crown Health Care Saves You Money

If you’re doing your medical group’s laundry in-house, your laundering expenses are larger than they seem. When everything is calculated: utilities, machinery, labor, maintenance, detergents, starches, softeners, monitoring, repair, and repurchasing, you’re looking at a hefty bill.

Costs can get complicated and are determined by a multitude of factors. Market fluctuations, material quality, and mechanical breakdowns are just a few of the dozens of hard-to factor variables.

When your linen care is outsourced or rented, you only pay one regular price. That’s not only convenient, but it also makes predicting operating costs significantly easier. What’s harder to calculate, though, is the energy it takes to run an in-house operation.

Crown Health Care Saves You Energy

Few industries need the stringent quality controls that should be commonplace in the medical linen industry. Any breakdown or mistake in the laundering or transporting process can lead to contaminated linens, which can add complications to treatment.

Because so much is riding on the quality of care, a lot of energy and focus needs to be given to the laundering process. Unless you have top-notch machinery and professionally-trained staff running the operation at all times, every load is a risk that shouldn’t be taken.

Crown Health Care Saves You Time

More than anything, a quality group practice medical linen provider will save your business time. Arguably the most valuable resource discussed so far, time can’t be made up or gained at a later date. Even if you, personally, never touch the in-house laundry operation, somebody does.

You’re not only paying them for that time, but you’re also paying for their mistakes. If a load wasn’t put in early enough, or the dryer wasn’t turned on, that’s business lost or made more difficult. With a quality provider like Crown Health Care tasked with your linens, you’ll never have to worry about missing items.

Contact Crown Health Care for Your Group Practice Linen Needs!

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