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Why You Should Work with an Accredited Laundry Provider

  • January 09, 2020
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Why You Should Work with an Accredited Laundry Provider

When it comes to healthcare laundry services, there is definitely more than meets the eye. Anyone can make extensive claims about the quality of their work, the expanse of their technical reach, and the expertise with which they carry out the services that they’re offering.

For all of the bold claims that companies can easily make, nothing is more assuring than one backed by accreditation from a credible industry authority.

Why Does it Matter?

An accredited laundry provider has taken it upon themselves to have an unbiased body check the quality of their work and make sure that they are up to par with the best and safest standards in the field of healthcare laundry. An accreditation takes away the guesswork and gives you the assurance that you need, so that you and your patients can rest easy knowing that the toughest safeguards are in place throughout every step of the process.

Protection Against Nosocomial Infections

A healthcare laundry facility that’s accredited by organizations such as the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) have been tested and found negative for harmful amounts of pathogens, including the dreaded, nosocomial-infection carrying antibiotic resistant S. aureus strain. This means that they have, time and time again, proven the integrity of their laundering processes to effectively remove and sanitize healthcare linens to protect against linen-induced hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Peace of Mind

Accredited healthcare laundry facilities ensure a more meticulous overall laundry procedure with safety protocols in place at all times - from pickup to washing and especially during handling and storage. This gives you and your patients the peace of mind that your linens and garments are safe to use.

Overall Satisfaction

Accreditations are hard to come by. These accreditation-giving bodies have high standards that necessitate elaborate care and effort to achieve. You are, therefore, ensured that an accredited healthcare laundry facility has a system in place that’s designed to bring you overall satisfaction – from the quality of the products they offer to the integrity of their washed products.

Work with an Accredited Healthcare Laundry Service Provider Today!

Take no risks and stop second-guessing your healthcare linens! Get your linens from an accredited healthcare laundry service provider; get them only from Crown Health Care Laundry! Our HLAC-accredited facilities have been tested and proven to deliver safe and sanitary linens and garments for your protection and peace of mind.

We have been an industry leader in the field of healthcare laundry services since 1955, and we are only getting better and stronger. Explore our products and services today and find out how we can help your facility. Contact us for a free quote at 1(844) 383-7500.

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