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What to Look for in Patient Gowns

  • November 26, 2019
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What to Look for in Patient Gowns

When looking for the right gowns for your hospital or clinic, there are a few important factors to consider. Finding the right kind for your office or practice is essential.

Here’s what to look for in patient gowns:

Individual Purpose and Preference

It’s your practice. You’re putting the money down, and you want the right gowns the first time. While there are reliable and competent medical linen rental suppliers that can help you decide the material and quantity right for you, figuring some of it out beforehand will make the decision easier and more informed.

Barrier Effectiveness

Every gown has a level of barrier effectiveness, as their purpose is to shield a patient from the environment and the environment from the patient. You want a level of barrier effectiveness with every gown.

Some gowns, however, have more than others and should be used in certain cases or situations. For example, patients at high risk for catching or spreading disease or infection should have more barrier-effective gowns than low-risk patients.

Factors that influence barrier effectiveness are fabric characteristics like quality, pore size, construction, and repellency.


If you have an on-premise laundry that you’d like to make use of or want an environmentally- conscious approach to your linen supply, reusable gowns might be what you’re looking for.

If the patient is being seen for simple testing or examination, then a cotton, reusable gown is an appropriate choice for comfort, convenience, and the environment.

If they are having surgery or are being seen for a more serious infectious condition, then plastic gowns are the best way to prevent transmission of pathogens or infection.

Rent or Purchase?

While your instinct might say that ownership is the most cost-effective way to handle gown supply, consider what that requires:


Ignoring the pre-purchase time used to research the right material, supplier, and amount, having a hospital or practice’s gown ready to go when needed requires advanced planning and strategizing. Laundering practices need to be established and executed. Gowns need neat folding and organizing, possibly hundreds at a time.


If you don’t like the quality of material or have a questionable experience in getting the supply, you’re stuck with a bulk stock and an unscrupulous provider.


The amount of gowns needed to sustain a practice or hospital’s needs can be overwhelming. It’s not enough to have one available for every bed. Depending on your patient’s illness, age, or cleanliness, you could find yourself replacing the gown on the same patient multiple times in a day. That means having a stock of clean gowns ready to go, and having a place to store the soiled ones before they’re cleaned.


Ordering a supply of gowns can easily run into the thousands for a hospital or practice. Additionally, laundering and employee costs add up fast.


Your supply of gowns isn’t going to look after itself. This will be somebody’s primary responsibility if it’s to be done right every time. Unless you want to hire another employee, strain the ones already there, or handle this monumental task yourself, then ownership might not be the best option.

Crown Health Care Laundry Has the Answers

Regardless of what patient gowns you choose, you want to get them from a company you can trust. Crown Health Care Laundry Services has been a trusted name in medical textiles since 1955.

We have high-quality patient gowns available. When you rent through us, we maintain them for you. Contact us today for more information at 1-844-383-7500 for a free quote. We look forward to helping your medical business today.

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