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How to Simplify Your Medical Linen Management

  • August 16, 2018
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How to Simplify Your Medical Linen Management

As a medical linen service, we understand better than anyone how much trouble medical linen management and hospital laundry procedures can be, and we also understand how to make it easier.

With the right linen management system, you can lower your medical facility’s costs as well as spend less time tracking, maintaining and repairing your linen inventory. Here’s how to do it:.

1. Outsource as many linen services as possible

The best kind of problem is one you never have to think about. When you outsource your linens and uniforms to a qualified medical laundry, you won’t have to worry about getting the right equipment, training your staff, and washing, drying and folding your laundry on a regular basis. But don’t just sign on with any company. Make sure you’re working with a medical linen service that meets the highest standards for quality and cleanliness in the industry, or you might be putting your patients and staff at risk because of linen cross-contamination. Organizations like the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) provide certifications to laundries that are compliant with government regulations and best practices.

2. Provide and launder standardized uniforms for your staff

An easy way to simplify your medical linens is to provide uniforms for your staff. While this may seem counterintuitive, with company-provided uniforms, you won’t have to worry about your staff adhering to dress code or properly washing their scrubs and lab coats. With a medical linen service, it’s pretty easy to get the right look and fit for each healthcare professional as well as ensure that you’re not spreading infection through your medical facility’s uniforms.

3. Encourage employees to use linens responsibly

It doesn’t have to just be your responsibility. With medical linen education, you can train your employees on the proper use of medical linens. Many healthcare professionals throw away linens that they think are too heavily soiled to be laundered, which translates to higher linen inventory costs. So, train your staff. Your budget will thank you for it.

4. Use signs

To reinforce your training and maintain your inventory levels, place signage above or near linen receptacles and near trash cans. Although your linen education program might be thorough, it can take a while to change bad habits. An in-the-moment reminder could save that soiled sheet from the trash can and get it back to your facility next week, completely clean and ready to use.

5. Utilize linen technology

Tech has simplified our lives in so many ways. Why can’t it simplify your medical or hospital laundry procedures? Many medical linen providers, like Crown Health Care Laundry, offer programs to help you manage your inventory. Our LinenHelper program helps all of our customers record linen utilization onsite, offering rich data reporting that can help inform their decisions.

Contact Crown Health Care Laundry for Simpler Medical Linen Management

We have one job, and one job only: to make your medical linen management or hospital laundry procedures easier. Our highly-automated facilities, hands-on customer service and quality products will get you the linens and uniforms you need, maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and delivered on-time. Contact us today for more information!

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