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How Reusable Medical Textiles Reduce Waste

  • April 01, 2018
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Reusable textiles have existed for centuries in the healthcare setting. But in the 1900s, paper products started budging their way into businesses in the United States. While at first unsuccessful, they made their claim when they spread the rumor that the use of reusable textiles was unsanitary.

In a time when concerns of HIV was on the rise, people were worried about their health.

Problems with the Rise in Healthcare Waste

This marketing effort by paper products proved a success, up until now. While individuals felt like they were being more sanitary by favoring these one-use products over someone’s second-hand medical textiles, scientists were uncovering environmental concerns.

One of these main concerns is landfills. In the United States alone, 250 to 400 million tons of “garbage” are sent to landfills each year. 36% of this comes from paper products. Because landfills develop anaerobic environments, more methane gas is produced, which is extremely bad for the environment and can contribute to global warming. According to Green Hotelier, “Landfilling not only takes up valuable land space but causes air, water and soil pollution, discharging carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane into the atmosphere and chemicals and pesticides into the earth and groundwater.”

The healthcare industry produces approximately 25 pounds of healthcare waste per patient every single day. Much of this waste comes from the disposable products this industry is constantly sending off to landfills.

Paper Textile Waste

Because of environmental concerns, the public is scrutinizing businesses and organizations that contribute large amounts of healthcare waste. Paper products contribute to:

+ Deforestation

+ Air and Water Pollution

+ Waste

The Economic Benefits of Reusable Medical Textiles

Not only are paper products wasteful in an environmental sense, but they are not sustainable economically either. Because of paper products’ one-time use, more money needs to be spent on consistently replacing these products, as well as disposal costs. According to Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals, “In 2010, the University of Maryland Medical Center avoided disposal of 138,748 lbs of waste and saved about $38,000 in hauling costs by using reusable surgical linens.”

Debunking the Sanitation Issue with Reusable Medical Textiles

Due to their affordability and lower environmental impact, reusable textiles are making their way back into popularity in healthcare. But the paper companies are not going down quietly – they are still fighting the reusable medical textile industry regarding sanitation.

This is where working with a high-quality reusable medical textile rental service is essential. Instead of washing your reusable medical textiles in-house, partner with a linen service. As industry experts, a quality medical textile provider knows the demands of the industry it services. So, you’ll get to work with a company that follows strict protocols to ensure the cleanest product.

Working with a High-Quality Medical Textile Rental Service

At Crown Health Care Laundry Services, we offer all the reusable medical textiles you may need. Whether you need linen rental, linen management or on-premise management, we have the medical textiles for you.

Don’t let your medical textiles end up in a healthcare waste landfill – choose a service that’ll make a difference.

Reduce your waste and save money when you work with Crown Health Care Laundry Services. Contact us today at 844-383-7500 to get started on a reusable medical textile service your patients and the environment will thank you for.

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